Three at the back, chains and variations of it

Costa Rica

In this World Cup we have witnessed a big tactical trend emerge: the abandonment of the back four as dogma. While only one team at the 2010 World Cup played without a back four, several teams used a different style of defense this time around.

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Germany – Argentina 1:0 (a.e.t)

Germany win the World Cup! In a dramatic match the DFB team best Argentina 1:0 after extra time. RM, TR, MR and CE had a look at the game and saw a tactically diverse battle of rhythm…

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In-depth analysis: Alfredo Di Stéfano

Real Madrid 1956

He is regarded as one of the first “total” football players, considered the grand master of his playing style and the prototype of a leader; playful, tactical, psychological. His name is Alfredo Di Stéfano – and he influenced generations of footballers.

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Ciro Immobile: Dortmund’s New Penetrating Force

Immobile likes to attack the blue zones, especially on the left. Mkhitaryan can push up into the "danger zone", Reus into the cutback area, and Aubameyang flexibly into all three zones.

Ciro Immobile has joined BVB. What sets the Italian league’s top goal-scorer apart and how does he fit into the Borussia system?

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Brazil – Germany 1:7


Someonepinchme to nil. Germany absolutely go through to the final. Without Thiago Silva the brazilian chaos collapses. We explain a mindblowing game.

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Counterpressing variations

The buzzword in tactics in the Bundesliga last season was probably gegenpressing (counter pressing).

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Italy – Costa Rica 0:1

Back threes and fives remain unbeatable at this World Cup. Back fours are dead.  And oh shit, Costa Rica is good!

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Zonal Marking / Zonal Coverage

The two main types of defense used in soccer are man-marking and zonal marking. In this article we will explain the different types of zonal marking and their advantages and disadvantages.

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Man Coverage / Man-to-Man-Marking

The two most prominent methods of coverage used in soccer today are man and zone. In this article we’ll explain the different types and characteristics of man coverage as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

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Champions League Final: Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid 4:1

Real Madrid have won the Champions League in 2014. In a final full of pressing, switching play, and cramps, they had the upper hand over an Atlético Madrid side that was fully devoted to fighting for the win.

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