Saturday, 01.06.2024

Juego de Posición

Juego de Posición is regarded as an evolution of Totaalvoetbal, adapting to modern requirements. In contrast to Totaalvoetbal in which a player could move freely and the constant movement played the most important role, Juego de Posición asks to fill in a predefined formation, while it is irrelevant who is filling a position or rather a zone. In different situations different zones have to be filled. Furthermore, constant releases and triangle combinations cause a fluid attacking style that should force the opposing team to move and open spaces. The accurate ball circulation utilizes these holes or overloads certain zones, while exploiting opposing man-orientations. Unlike Tiqui Taca, ball possession is just a tool to control the game, but not a senseless ideology. Plus, an intense form of Gegenpressing is important to win the ball back quickly. Afterwards, short passes calm the game, while the team in possession can set-up new attacking plays. Vision, passing skills, and patience are the most important attributes of Juego de Posición.