Saturday, 01.06.2024

Über RM

RM ist das FC Barcelona von Spielverlagerung: Seinen Zenit hat er im Herbst 2011 gegen Osasuna erreicht. Funfact: Auf Nachfrage behauptet er immer, er sei MR und nicht RM. Über das folgende Lob freut er sich dann allerdings mit schlechtem Gewissen.


Juego de Posición – A short explanation

“Juego de Posicion” is a widely unknown concept in Austria and Germany. To coaches in Spain and the Netherlands it is a philosophical ideal that few know how to coach. In German-speaking countries, however, “Positionsspiel” has a different, more simple definition that loses many of the important aspects. But, more importantly, what is “Juego de Posicion”?

The problem with English football

The transfer expenditures alone have exceeded the one billion euro mark this summer. English clubs invested like never before in new arrivals but only brought in half that amount by selling players. What will you buy for yourself? What would you like to make up for? What is going wrong in English football?

Counter- or Gegenpressing

Gegenpressing has been a buzzword in football tactics for the last five years and has garnered more and more attention in the media recently. Because of the success of FC Barcelona and Borussia Dortmund, gegen- or counterpressing has been brought up as one of the main reasons for their titles.