Sunday, 20.05.2018

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Barcelona – Rayo Vallecano 6:1

Rayo Vallecano displayed their aggressive pressing and brave football at the Nou Camp vs. the now top team in Spain. Barcelona’s players look in top form and managed to jump over Real Madrid for the 1st spot in La Liga.

Barcelona – Levante 5:0

Barcelona put on yet another impressive display and allowed Lucho to tie Guardiola’s record of winning 11 straight games with Barcelona. The recent change in positional structure from Barcelona has led to better utilization of their players, which in turn led to the current winning streak and their 5-0 victory over Levante.

Atlético Madrid – Real Madrid 4:0

Diego Simeone’s men put on a very impressive display against a team which is considered arguably the best team in Europe at the moment. Atletico Madrid played incredible defense and focused on tight combinational play down the flanks in order to come out with the 4:0 victory.

Liverpool – Swansea City 4:1

Liverpool dominated what was a defense that epitomizes what most consider to be the standard English Premier League defense. Rodgers used some of his most skilled players in the best roles for this particular match, and the players did not disappoint.

Valencia – Rayo Vallecano 4:4

This was an incredible high scoring game that fit both the occasion of the Copa Del Rey Round of 16, and these two great Spanish teams. Various strategical and tactical changes occurred in the match, but the high intensity and pressure always remained throughout.

Barcelona – Cordoba 5:0

Barcelona put on a dominant display with some tweaks to their offensive strategy. Cordoba played defense nearly the entire game while Barcelona used their best players in the best positions for this particular defense. Messi had a unique role from the right flank moving in towards the central midfielder positions.

Southampton – Chelsea 1:1

Mourinho impressed with his Chelsea squad looking strategically sound and fluid. They are looking more and more like the team he spoke about when he initially took over the Chelsea job for the 2nd time.

Southampton – Everton 3:0

Both teams put high importance on stability in build up play. Both teams had well-coordinated pressure on defense, though Southampton was on a higher level in terms of their pressing. Both teams used their forwards in a narrow and combinative manner, but there were certain differences that led to Southampton’s victory on the day.

Hull City – Swansea City 0:1

Hull City showed some potential to escape relegation in the EPL. Hull City played a big part in determining the rhythm of the match, while Swansea played well in defense. Swansea played a large amount of long passes while also displaying some spurts of great positioning, which led to their win.