Thursday, 01.06.2023

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Strategies to Maximize Performance and Recovery in Football

Football is a highly competitive and demanding sport that is typically played over a year-long season. Regardless of the competitive level (e.g. youth vs. professional), teams are scheduled to play up to 3 matches per week. This sometimes includes congested fixtures, doubleheader weekends and competitive tournaments where 3 matches may be played over a 4-day period. Over the long season, the coaching and support staff must consider many factors such as player availability (i.e. the number of players available to train/play), risk of injury associated with congested fixtures and multi-game tournaments, player status (e.g. recovery and freshness), and opponents. Furthermore, the demands of travel, sleep, and nutritional considerations are additional areas of consideration when competing throughout the year.

The Evolution of Counterattacking

As we move forward through the years football continues to evolve. The developments are not often massive evolutions such as Sacchi’s zonal congestion from the 80s or Michels’ and Cruyff’s total football from the 70s, but most frequently minor positional or role adjustments within the different phases of the game. Every goal scored for your team and every goal conceded that is prevented for your team has high value – and as analytics continue to grow within our sport, we are seeing its impact on football’s phases little by little.