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SV Academy: Open Analysis-Seminars

Following up the successful launch of our “Academy” we offer a new format: Analysing football in groups.

After having over 400 participants in our first topic of “Analysis and Coaching” and getting great feedback for it, we are happy to anounce that we will continue our “SV Academy” with another project.

Before presenting the next topic, we want to offer something that was asked for by many participants: A platform where people can analyse football together and with each other and the lecturer.

We want to expand the interactive parts of the first seminar to offer an opportunity to practice and develop your own analytical abilites. The seminar is not only pointed to coaches and analysts but to all people who seek to sharpen their eye for the game.

Content and Procedure:

The seminar will take place in Zoom-meetings and will take around 3 hours. The participants will be split into groups of 4-6 persons to analyse situations together with the lecturer switching between the groups to give additional input.

The results will be presented to each other. The analysed scenes from the groups will be built on each other to enable further discussion. There will be three stages that will cover the analysis of teams, games and situations successively and in relation to each other. In that way, we seek to enhance the process of analysis and the understanding of the game of the participants.

We will change the analysed scenes each month. Therefore it’s possible to attend the seminar multiple times (once a month).


From now on we offer the seminar monthly alternating for beginners and advanced specifically. The differences:

  • Beginner seminars: More guidelines, hints and exemplary analysis from the instructor to guide and support the participants’ analysis.
  • Advanced seminars: More independent analysis by participants, instructor focuses on follow-up questions, reflection assistance, and further contextualization.

You can decide for yourself which seminar is more interesting for you. The group work went well even with a larger difference in level, so there’s no need to worry about being under- or over-qualified. The main purpose of the division is to allow for a more coherent process.


in English:

  • January 9th (Monday), 19:00 GMT
  • January 22th (Sunday), 10:00 GMT
  • February 19th (Sunday), 17:00 GMT
  • March 8th (Wednesday), 15:00 GMT

Topic for April and May: Union Berlin

  • April 16th (Sunday), 8:00 GMT [Advanced]
  • April 28th (Friday), 18:00 GMT [Advanced]
  • May 14th (Sunday), 10:00 GMT [Beginners]

Topic for June and July: Champions League final:

  • June 13th (Tuesday), 18:00 GMT [Advanced]
  • June 25th (Sunday), 9:00 GMT [Advanced]
  • July 8th (Saturday), 14:00 GMT [Advanced]
  • July 16th (Sunday), 14:00 GMT [Beginners]

in German: see

All meetings are limited to 18 participants. Booking multiple dates is possible (one per month), every second month we will change the scenes and teams that we analyse.

Costs and Sign up:

The costs will be 30€ per person and per date. (Payment via PayPal or bank transaction.)

To sign up, just send an informal mail with your name and the prefered date to [email protected].

Further communication will be done via mail.

We’re looking forward to your registrations!


If you are not interested in the current seminar but would like to be informed about future events, you are welcome to join our mail newsletter or info groups on WhatsApp or Telegram. For this, too, just send an informal mail to [email protected].

SV Academy for Clubs

We also offer our Academy events for clubs. Exact details and prices will be arranged individually. If your club is interested, please contact us with your wishes at [email protected].

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