Sunday, 20.05.2018

SV Column: A never-ending cycle

No matter what they do, they fail. This has become a motto for Schalke 04. The squad is undeniably good. The ambitions are high. Coaches have come and gone. Nothing has worked so far.

SV Column: Cult of personality and overreaction

The European football season has finally started, my fellow football aficionados. Well, technically it started when some fairly unknown teams competed in the first qualifying round of the Champions League – which was back in late June. But let’s be honest, the big leagues set the rhythm.

The problem with English football

The transfer expenditures alone have exceeded the one billion euro mark this summer. English clubs invested like never before in new arrivals but only brought in half that amount by selling players. What will you buy for yourself? What would you like to make up for? What is going wrong in English football?