Monday, 15.07.2024

The SV Podcast: Episode 11

Constantin Eckner and Abel Meszaros discuss the state of Spanish football. They take a closer look at Barcelona’s issues on the field, Real Madrid’s road to the title, Atlético being as gritty as ever, Sevilla reviving the careers of many, and the greatness of Real Sociedad and Granada.

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André August 5, 2020 um 6:24 pm

Oliver was a underachiever because in Porto he had a coach a little like Simeone that didn’t believe in his phisique even if he worked like a mad man on and off the ball and was very creative. He defends, attacks, thinks the game, but the coach at every loss looked at him and took him out even if was the better player. This made him not play as much. But the best looking/playing Porto from Conceição (wich is pretty rare because we play very badly most of the time) was when Oliver played like 18 games consistently and we won them all. Then when team’s static final third approach made us lose a game he almost never played again. Go figure.


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