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Video Analysis: Eibar’s Defensive System

According to several statistics (expected goals against – xGA, shots allowed, passes allowed per defensive action – PPDA) Eibar is on the top of the rankings in the La Liga. Therefore I decided to take a look into their defensive organization, analyzing their main principles and movements in their main 4-4-2 system (in high-press/mid-block/deep-block, plus their 4-1-4-1 system), whilst also highlighting their main weaknesses.

Eibar Defensive System Analysis – 442 & 4141 :

Weaknesses :

Rik Thys May 8, 2020 um 5:23 pm

The videos are not available. Is it possible to re-upload them? Thanks a lot.


IB June 1, 2020 um 3:44 pm

Sorry for being late with that, links are updated now.


Emmanuel June 1, 2020 um 7:09 pm

Hello Istvan.
I remember your tweet from a few months ago on Setien and Arteta. What are your thoughts on the progression, or lack thereof, tactically of the two sides as we anticipate the return of La Liga and EPL?


TC October 18, 2019 um 1:22 pm

Videos are gone. Is it possible getting them another way?


ClaudeJ September 17, 2019 um 7:14 am

Hello, the videos are gone again.


IB October 28, 2019 um 10:17 am

Updated, sorry for being late with that


Jack August 25, 2019 um 6:30 am

Great analyses, but i am confused when they face a defensive line of 3 what would they do ??


Moussa May 16, 2019 um 5:42 am

Hello, there is no video in there


IB May 16, 2019 um 9:50 pm

Fixed, should work now


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