Friday, 14.08.2020

The SV Podcast: Episode 1

On the first episode of our show, the panel talk about the giants of Manchester, Sampaoli’s Sevilla, Middlesbrough’s potential and much more.

Below is a rundown of what to expect on the episode.

  • First half: Manchester madhouse (at the 02:00 mark)
  • Second half: Potential suprises of the season (at the 23:45 mark)
  • Extra time: Mailbag (at the 32:35 mark)

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Nikita August 26, 2016 um 4:38 pm

Awesome, thanks


Nikita August 26, 2016 um 4:38 pm

Once every 2 weeks would be cooler


CV August 22, 2016 um 5:17 am

Need more than once a month – too good!


lai August 20, 2016 um 10:29 am

how often do you plan to release podcast episodes?


CE August 20, 2016 um 10:50 am

Once a month.


Andrew__K August 14, 2016 um 1:03 pm

Thanks! Brilliant, looking forward for next episodes!


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